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Product knowledge is important. In order to understand and gain an intricate knowledge of the various roofing materials and applications. Tim has made two trips to North America solely to investigate the products he uses. He has visited the factories, the mills, and the forests where cedar is grown. During these visits he has had the chance to ask the curly questions and research ways of addressing New Zealand’s unique climatic and building code conditions.

All building materials create demands on the earth’s resources and environment. Often the building requirments are in conflict with an ethical approach or a clients idealology. Tim has been involved with the eco building movement for several decades and will attempt to help clients achieve outcomes that they are comfortable with.


Let me share two concepts I’ve spent years grappling with in my own conscience. Firstly, considering that all materials and energy inputs in a new building should be well accounted for, looking at the cradle to grave environmental / sociological impact of those materials, wood doesn’t look like a bad choice. Although one can’t really consider old growth forest as a sustainable resource with a global appetite like we’ve witnessed, some modern cedar harvesting is being carried out sustainably either with plantation grown or scavenged old logs. The manufacture and disposal of a wood roof looks quite good compared to most of the other materials we are now using.

Secondly, it is an unfortunate reality that function often takes precedence over form due to price. But, a roof can often have a huge influence on the overall looks of a building and becomes an important enough statement to become a financial priority.

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